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Are you looking for the best Sugar Daddy dating sites and apps? Look no further! We have compiled a list of the top Sugar Daddy dating websites and apps for you to choose from. 

Whether you are looking for a casual relationship or something more serious, these websites and apps will help you find the perfect Sugar Daddy!

What is a Sugar Daddy?

A Sugar Daddy is typically an older, successful man who is looking for a younger woman to date and spoil. 

He will usually shower her with gifts, money, and lavish attention. In return, he expects companionship and sometimes sexual favors.

Why do people want a Sugar Daddy?

There are many reasons why people want a Sugar Daddy. Some people want someone who can provide them with financial stability, while others want someone who can help them pursue their dreams and goals. 

Whatever the reason, many people are out there looking for a Sugar Daddy.


seeking arrangements also known as seeking arrangements is one of the most popular sugar daddy websites. It covers everything you can think of, from short-term, long-term, married, to platonic relationships.

All the relationships on the site are no strings attached. There are even advisors who are ready to offer any type of advice in case you don’t understand some things. The services are usually free for sugar babies.

  • Sugar babies can use the site’s services for free
  • Sugar mamas searching for male or female babies can also sign up
  • Has over 10 million users from 139 countries, making it the number one sugar daddy website
  • Has the highest female-to-male ratios
  • The site has wealth verification, which is an important factor for sugar babies, video chat, and profile verification
  • It’s one of the most controversial sugar dating sites
  • If an account is old and abandoned, it can still be searchable
  • Before you pay, there are many fake profiles and bots
  • Women on the site might receive bank account scams, CashApp and PayPal are the only safe methods.

Key features

  • VIP rooms are available for verified profiles and video chat
  • Sugar babies don’t pay to join and can get expensive gifts

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Sugar Daddy Meet

sugar daddy meet

Sugar Daddy Meet is a serious upscale site that’s mainly focused on attracting affluent males from the top 20 richest countries in the world.

The site must verify the success of the men who show interest, before giving them the green light to search for potential sugar babies.

Currently, the site has approximately four and a half million users.

  • Several members from some of the richest countries in the world
  • The searching options are advanced in order to help the right match
  • Includes first date gifts to break the ice
  • The app is easy to use
  • Applications are only limited to members from 20 countries

Key features

  • Wealth and ID verification for users
  • First date gifts

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Ashley Madison

ashley madison

If you’re looking for an NSA sugar daddy then Ashley Madison may be the perfect site for you, it’s a famous site for married sugar daddies who want sugar babies to date.

The general theme is supporting open marriages and cheating.

Offer a space to get casual sex with no strings attached, sugar daddy matching, as well as undercover escorts.

  • It includes discrete mask tools to help hide people’s identities in photos.
  • Doesn’t include any strict income or verification
  • Give married men a chance to enjoy on the down-low with sugar babies
  • Supports cheating
  • Doesn’t have verification, hence higher chances of fake profiles

Key features

  • Has outstanding tools, including travel arrangement services, matching members traveling overseas

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Established Men

established men

Safety is the most important thing with online dating, and Established Men can offer you that.

It doesn’t require most men who sign up to be rich, but they’re encouraged to be established and willing to spoil ladies.

Escorts or any types of suspicious accounts are forbidden and offer both casual dating and long-term relationships.

  • It’s the safest sugar daddy site available
  • Only requires men to be well-established and to spoil sugar babies
  • Has honest photos
  • Bans suspicious accounts and escorts account
  • Doesn’t require wealth credentials
  • There is a risk for scammers and stalkers

Key features

  • Plenty of safety procedures, including staff content moderation, were put in place.

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Adult Friend Finder

adult friend finder

Adult Friend Finder is one of the best dating sites that can help you meet all your most eager sexual desires that have been bubbling up in your head.

Some features are open to free members, like receiving messages, and finding out who is online.

  • Millions of users are available
  • 24/7 customer care support
  • Live sex cam
  • People are eager and willing to meet up
  • Free registration
  • Bots and fake accounts exist
  • The free version doesn’t offer much

Key features

  • The users are extremely open-minded.
  • Fetishes, kinks, and alt lifestyles are welcome

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Miss Travel

miss travel

With Miss Travel, you can date the sugar daddy of your dreams and travel to your dream destination.

Serves women well, especially those searching for a rich man who loves to travel. You can preview where you want to go and what you want to do on a date.

  • An appealing site to women who fancy traveling
  • Women can plan trips, and guys pay
  • Women join for free
  • Naive women fall prey
  • Scammers available

Key features

  • Focused on sugar babies interested in traveling the world
  • Create a trip option

Sign Up Now is another popular sugar daddy dating site where you can find verified millionaire sugar daddies around the world.

  • Offers both casual dating and long-term relationships
  • Reaches out to millionaires to offers more options
  • An almost 20-year record
  • Free access
  • Scammers are available

Key features

  • High profile millionaires

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What’s Your Price

whats your price

What’s Your Price website has an eBay approach towards sugar daddy dating, where sugar daddies bid on the price of a date. is one of the best dating sites to find rich and attractive single people to spoil you with gifts.

  • Easy and fun due to auction-style dating
  • No minimum wealth requirement
  • Virtual gifts
  • Active members
  • No membership charge
  • Attractive singles avaible
  • Bidding is as low as $5
  • No mobile app

Key features 

Meet rich and attractive people that will reimburse you for all the money you spend preparing for a date.

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Rich Meet Beautiful

rich meet beautiful

Rich Meet Beautiful is a well attractive sugar daddy dating site to meet single rich men and women. Offer many options when it comes to dating rich people.

It’s a safe site with real users, and a strong verification process to help keeps fraudsters away.

  • Millions of members
  • Inclusion for people from different demographics
  • Great customer support
  • Multiple ways to show interest
  • Private browsing is only available to paying members

Key features

  • You can see who’s been on your profile
  • Featured users show popular members in your area
  • Private keys give sugar babies the ability to make special requests

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Sugar Daddy One on One

How Much Does A Sugar Daddy Pay?

On average, sugar daddies are known to pay around $1,500-2,800 a month.

However, this amount can vary based on the relationship. You shouldn’t expect much less than these amounts but the amount can be higher too.

What Does A Sugar Daddy Do?

Sugar daddies will always ensure their partners (or sugar babies) are well taken care of.

They will strive to pamper and spoil you with fancy dinners, relaxing and/or romantic vacations or getaways, payment of bills, etc.

Their main goal is always to provide the best for their partners.

Can Being A Sugar Baby Ruin Your Career?

Being a sugar baby isn’t necessarily going to ruin your career. The lifestyle of a sugar baby can become quite busy with needing to be in certain places.

This is because the level of commitment that goes into being in a sugar arrangement is what speaks for making sure you get the money that is part of this agreement. But this doesn’t mean it has to ruin your career.

If you’re a career-minded person with goals, you must express these goals with sugar daddies.

This clears up any confusion with your availability and a good sugar daddy is going to respect your desire to pursue your interests.

If the relationship is meant to be and he understands your career goals clearly, there is no reason why your career should be comprised.

Is It Safe To Be A Sugar Baby?

Any relationship can be dangerous. Typical, healthy relationship practices should be used in a sugar baby/daddy arrangement.

Respect is a huge factor in relationships and it is always good for both parties involved to respect the boundaries of the other person.

In general, it is safe to be a sugar baby but is never a bad idea to be aware of red flags that might arise.

How Do I Talk To My Sugar Daddy?

While sugar daddies enjoy the company of younger men or women, they still enjoy a mature conversation.

Be polite, be respectful, and always speak clearly and with confidence.

Confidence is always sexy so really strive to stay sure of yourself. Essentially, speak how you would want to be spoken to.

How Do Sugar Babies Get Paid?

There are a variety of ways that sugar babies can get paid. However, the most common way is through a secure money transfer service like PayPal.

Other forms of payment can be in cash or gift cards as well. It is important to note that not all payments are simply receiving a bulk of money.

Payments can also be made to pay off bills or debt or be reoccurring payments for a service or good that the sugar baby uses regularly (think of spas or cell phones perhaps!).

How Do I Make My Sugar Daddy Happy?

Be pleasant, be present, and maintain your end of the agreement! Happiness in a relationship is seeing your partner having their needs met.

This is a pleasurable experience for sugar daddies and sugar babies. Every sugar arrangement is going to be slightly different as every sugar daddy has slightly different desires.

Some want a deeply rooted friendship or companionship while others are looking for sexual relations.

A healthy sugar agreement is going to be a consensual agreement where both parties express their expectations and have an understanding of them.

How Do I Get A Sugar Daddy To Pay Me Without Meeting?

Because every sugar arrangement is slightly different, not everyone is comfortable with in-person meetings.

It is possible to get sugar daddies to pay without meeting! Online sugar daddy sites provide a safe, secure space for sugar agreements to transpire.

It allows you to reach out to various daddies to really scope out who might be a good fit for you.

If the connection is right, it is possible to get a payment from a sugar arrangement without a person-to-person meeting.

Is Being A Sugar Baby Easy?

There’s a stereotypical image of sugar babies that indicates being a sugar baby is easy.

While there is some truth to this it isn’t all just sitting back and raking in money from wealthy men (or women!).

There is much more to it than that. It is as easy as you make it to be. All sugar arrangements have certain expectations that are essential for maintaining the agreement.

Remember, these are terms that both parties have agreed to, and living those terms out can be easy if they are something you want to do.

Can Sugar Babies Have Boyfriends?

Sugar babies can have boyfriends! With this in mind though, all parties involved should be aware of the situation.

It simply isn’t honest to anyone to have a side situation that someone else isn’t aware of.

Everyone respects honesty and openness. If you have a boyfriend, there should be a candid conversation about your desire to have a sugar daddy.

On the flip side, a sugar daddy should be aware of your boyfriend as well, especially if there are sexual relations within a sugar agreement. This is fair to all of the parties involved!

Why Do Guys Like Being A Sugar Daddy?

Guys like sugar daddies so they can feel young again! Sugar daddies are usually between 40 and 60 years of age, although there isn’t a real set act bracket.

They will always be an older, wealthier man looking to pamper and please a younger partner. It is a thrilling experience for them and can be for you as well!

What Age Is A Sugar Baby?

Sugar babies should always be consenting adults over the age of 18.

How Much Should I Ask My Sugar Daddy For?

You should always be honest about your needs but don’t ask for absurd amounts of money.

Be reserved with your monetary expectations but don’t short-change yourself either.

Sugar daddies generally won’t be offended by a dollar amount and if there is a true connection between the two of you, he’ll be willing to make you happy.

What Should You Ask From A Sugar Daddy?

As with any relationship, there needs to be an open line of communication, honesty, and appreciation for the other person.

This mindset is developed in a relationship when a real, genuine connection is made.

With this in mind, you should feel comfortable asking your sugar daddy for anything that you need.

As always, be upfront and don’t beat around the bush. No one likes games. Sugar daddies will generally be accepting and strive to give you what you want.

However, if they suggest a different alternative to whatever you are asking, try to keep an open mind if possible.

Is It Normal For A Sugar Daddy To Ask For Money?

Sugar daddies are NEVER going to ask YOU for money. They are always going to be the wealthier partner in the relationship, hence the whole purpose of having a “sugar daddy”.

If a sugar daddy were to ask you for money, this should be an immediate red flag.

Their responsibility in the partnership is to provide for you, not the other way around!

How Do I Ask My Sugar Daddy For An Allowance?

Asking sugar daddies for an allowance is a totally common practice in these types of relationships.

That is the easiest way for most sugar babies to get paid for whatever companionship, friendship, or intimacy they are providing.

You shouldn’t shy away from asking for an allowance. Be straightforward with your needs and always refer back to various things you are willing to do for your allowance.

A sugar arrangement is a dependant upon both parties being agreeing to terms that make everyone happy.

How Do you Become A Good Sugar Baby?

Always keep your promises. Keeping promises is something you should strive to do in your everyday life but they are really important in a sugar agreement.

By holding to your word, you are showcasing you are trustworthy, dependant, and desirable.

What Is The Safest Way To Get Money From A Sugar Daddy?

PayPal is the safest way to acquire money from sugar daddies. It not only protects your personal information but also the transaction itself.

While it is true, to be honest, and open within a relationship, banking information or personal financial information isn’t a critical part of keeping things maintained.

Yes, you are getting money but it should be done safely.

What Is A Sugar Boyfriend?

Sugar boyfriends are essentially the same thing as sugar daddies.

Both terms apply to a male (although they can be female on rare occasions!) who finds pleasure in providing for a younger partner financially.

Is 30 Too Old To Be A Sugar Baby?

Just as sugar daddies do not have a definitive age bracket, neither do sugar babies.

If you are 30 or older, it is possible to still score a sugar daddy. In reality, it all depends on how old the sugar daddy is.

They generally like younger partners so if you are 30 or older you shouldn’t have expectations of finding sugar daddies that are the same age or even within 10 years of your age. Sugar daddies are typically significantly older.

Can A Single Mom Be A Sugar Baby?

Single moms can be sugar babies! Don’t feel like you could be excluded from the pampered lifestyle of a sugar baby if you have children.

The key to scoring a sugar agreement if you have children is to be completely upfront. No one likes finding out later in a relationship that someone has kids.

This is always an unpleasant surprise and sugar daddies may feel jaded as if you were using them.

Don’t come off as deceiving and state you are a single mom. If a sugar daddy is okay with this, it was meant to be!

Why Do Sugar Daddies Ask For PayPal?

Much like you want to secure your financial and personal information, so do sugar daddies.

PayPal simply offers the most secure way to transfer funds between two people. Don’t be offended if sugar daddies ask for your PayPal link.

They are looking out for your best interests as well as their own.

Do You Have To Pay Taxes On Sugar Daddy Money?

Legally, if you are a U.S. citizen, you may be subject to taxation. Generally, anything over $1,000 could be taxed (think of winning the lottery).

Each state will have its tax brackets just like federal taxes do. However, the loophole lies within if the money is considered “income” or a “gift”.

If it is considered a steady stream of income, it could be taxed. If it is considered a “gift”, it is not taxable.

This is why it is important to split payments up or keep them under the table and out of a tax bracket.

Do You Have to Be Skinny To Be A Sugar Baby?

Most sugar babies will be physically fit and have a healthy lifestyle. However, there isn’t a true set standard to how a sugar baby should look.

Sugar daddies have preferences just like anyone else and just because you may not be super thin doesn’t you can’t enter a sugar agreement.

This is why candid conversations should occur to ensure that everyone involved knows what the other person looks like.

Is PayPal Safe To Use For A Sugar Daddy?

PayPal is a secure institution that transfers funds electronically from basically anywhere in the world.

If sugar daddies ask you for your PayPal link don’t be alarmed. They are merely looking out for you and themselves by protecting everyone’s personal financial information.

What Is A Good Monthly Allowance For A Sugar Baby?

A good monthly allowance for a sugar baby could be considered the average monthly amount of $1,500 to $2,800.

This is money that you didn’t otherwise have and it can be supplemental to your regular day job.

This isn’t to say that sugar babies couldn’t live on allowances alone but overall, this monthly allowance really can provide you with extra money for things you need or want.

Should I Tell My Sugar Daddy What Bank I Use?

To protect your personal financial information, you should never give out your banking information.

Disclosing the bank you use could be harmless but you shouldn’t take that risk.

Stick to acquiring payments through PayPal, cash, gift cards, tangible items, or romantic trips.

Why Do Sugar Daddies Ask For A Gift Card?

Gift cards are another excellent way to provide funds to someone without disclosing sensitive banking information.

They can be loaded up with just about any amount of money and can be used almost anywhere like a banking card.

Sugar daddies may request a gift card as a method of payment and if he does, it is a normal suggestion.

How Should A Sugar Daddy Date Dress?

When heading out on a date with a sugar daddy, you should always dress your best.

The old phrase, “dress to impress”. You want him to know you are a confident partner in your looks.

Stick with neutral colors and never wear anything too loud.

You want to appear sexy and alluring but not look like you are headed to an interview. Alternatively, you don’t want to wear shorts or jeans either.

How Do I Negotiate My Sugar Daddy Allowance?

Never short-change yourself but don’t appear greedy either. Be upfront but not demanding. Honesty always goes a long way.

The best approach to getting a little more added to your allowance is to include more things you are willing to provide your sugar daddy.

No one likes to feel like they are paying more and getting less or the same as they were before. Give some incentive!

What Do Sugar Daddies Expect?

Sugar daddies expect respect, honesty, and companionship. Just as you do.

When entering a sugar arrangement, whatever intentions are being set forth should be maintained.

They are looking to pamper someone and take care of someone financially that they enjoy spending time with and at the core of it all, they simply expect you to provide whatever level of companionship is agreed upon.

How Do You Maintain A Sugar Daddy?

Maintaining sugar daddies isn’t overly difficult. Be yourself and keep your promises and more than likely things will take off.

Not everything is meant to last forever though. Some sugar arrangements are long-term while others are short-term.

It all boils down to how strong a connection there is between the two people and the overall agreement that is initially made. Both parties should be making their intentions known.

How Do You Tell IF He Is A Sugar Daddy?

The easiest way to spot fake sugar daddies is by how they handle themselves in public with their finances.

Fake sugar daddies are going to be significantly more stingy with their money. This is a huge flag.

Real sugar daddies essentially have no limits to what they will spend to make their partners happy.

Additionally, they want their partners to know they have the wealth to provide for them. If you are looking for real sugar daddies they will never be afraid to spend money!

Can You Get In Trouble For Having A Sugar Daddy?

Having a sugar daddy has no real legal repercussions. There’s a common stereotype out there that sugar daddies pay for sex.

While there is money involved, it is still a consensual relationship between adults. Also, there isn’t always sex involved as it depends on the relationship and whether or not it is platonic.

Providing everyone is an adult in the relationship, there isn’t a real risk of getting in trouble for having a sugar daddy.

How Do You Get A Sugar Daddy To Trust You?

Be upfront and truthful. These are both attributes that you would expect so they should come as no surprise.

Trust is built by actively engaging in truthful and honest behavior.

Do Sugar Babies Get Paid On The First Date?

It isn’t uncommon for a sugar baby to get paid on the first date. Although it is important to note that they aren’t always paid on the first date.

It really could depend on the overall connection between you and the sugar daddy.

Always go on the first date with an open mind and don’t be disappointed if you aren’t paid but know that you might be.

How Much Do Sugar Babies Get Paid On The First Date?

The amount of money that a sugar baby receives on the first date could vary quite drastically.

It could hundreds of dollars to thousands or it could be a really expensive gift, like jewelry.

Sugar daddies are aiming to please you and impress you, just as you are trying to do for him.

How Much Do Sugar Babies Get Paid Per Date?

The average amount that most sugar babies get paid per date ranges from around $500 to $600.

In some cases that amount is even higher and could range from $700 to $1,000. Every relationship and sugar daddy is different.

The bottom line is they will pay per meeting or date or pay the monthly allowance.

It also isn’t uncommon for sugar babies to get paid per date and get a monthly allowance.

How Do You Get A Sugar Daddy To Fall In Love With You?

You can’t force love in any relationship! Love is a feeling that happens organically.

This isn’t to say that your sugar daddy won’t love you but being “in love” is a different ball game.

You shouldn’t be offended if the relationship isn’t super serious to where wedding bells might be ringing. However, it isn’t out of the realm of possibility either!

How Do You Ask Your Sugar Daddy For A Gift?

You shouldn’t have to directly ask for a gift. Good sugar daddies will always provide some sort of gift to show their interest and to help make you feel wanted, desired, and appreciated.

Asking for gifts could come off the wrong way but just know that sugar daddies do look to splurge and indulge their partners!

How Do You Become A Good Sugar Baby?

Always keep your promises! This not only makes you a good sugar baby but a good person too.

It is an essential way to build trust and create a stronger bond with someone.

Whatever agreement you and your sugar daddy have, a good sugar baby is going to make every effort to meet the expectations and keep their word.

Sugar Daddy Websites and Apps
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