How To Get a Sugar Daddy

how to get a sugar daddy

How To Get a Sugar Daddy

Faced with the undeniable success of sugar love, many young women want to know how to find a sugar daddy

However, society is still quite reluctant to see older men approach young women on the street or in a bar, or vice versa.

So how do you do it? The good news is that there are now other ways to find a sugar daddy these days. 

Usually, sugar daddies are successful men, often rich and belonging to a privileged social class. 

They are then looking for a young woman to accompany them, for an evening, a weekend, a business trip, or vacation. 

Some associate it with sex, but it is not. However, this is something both parties can discuss before the beginning of the relationship.

Well, if you’re having a hard time finding one, then it’s time to have a helping hand. 

In this post, we will tell you how to get the sugar daddy of your dreams. Read on!

1. Search internet forums

You have to be realistic: getting a sugar daddy under 35 is almost impossible. 

You are trying to get a mature man, so you have to turn to one of the oldest meeting places on the internet: forums. 

Yes, those that still have a format equal to Hi5 and Myspace. 

You will be surprised how many people you will find if you dare to Google’ sugar daddy forums’ or any similar term.

2. Use dating apps 

You can follow two strategies. First, change the age range in the apps you normally use. 

If you’re looking for a sugar daddy, you’re not going to look for a 20-year-old barista. You need to change your profile setting to men over 40. 

These are the guys who have the financial means to support a sugar relationship.

Secondly, use sites that are specifically designed for sugar dating. Men on these sites are looking for casual relationships and have the means to support the sugar relationship. 

But, due to the small number of users that the latter can have, it is best to use a combination of both strategies.

3. Go to high-end bars

Going to bars popular with mature men will not be enough. Not all the people who go there have enough income to be sugar daddies. 

This is why you need to be strategic. Find out which are the most prestigious bars in your region, those that only rich people go to. 

You may have to spend more than you bargained for. But once a handsome and sexy businessman looks at you, you will see the results of your investment.

4. Don’t be too interested in money

Yes, we know that you are not looking for love. And surely the men who approach you, either. However, you have to get into the game. 

You can’t seduce someone by talking about your dreams of luxury and living the good life. 

Try to conquer who you want your sugar daddy to be just as you would conquer anyone else: flattering him, his style, and all that.

It may take a couple of appointments, but as soon as your sugar offers to pay you for a new wardrobe, you’ll see that your patience will have been worth it. 

And if that moment does not come, then you can start sending hints of what you would like him to buy for you until he listens to you. 

But never forget that you have to conquer him before demanding him.

5. Lower your beauty standards a bit

We repeat: you have to be realistic. Finding a sugar daddy who has the body of Chris Evans and the face of Patrick Dempsey is a bit of luck that few are reserved for.

Not that all sugar daddies are horrendous, but they certainly won’t be as handsome as the flirts your age you could get.

Accept that time has its repercussions on beauty. It is normal. Sure, you don’t have to accept the first man who talks to you, but you can’t reject all of them just because they don’t meet all the beauty standards.


Unless your dating skills are extraordinary and you have just as good luck, you won’t find a sugar daddy on day one. 

Finding it will take you some dates, several people, and some fun encounters. Do not despair, be persistent, and little by little refine your conquest technique. 

This way, you will not only get yourself a sugar daddy but also someone who can satisfy all your demands and needs.

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