What Is A Sugar Daddy

what is a sugar daddy

The personal relationships we make with people are a truly strong bond. 

These relationships can take on many different forms and some of them aren’t as receptive as others. 

For example, women or men with sugar daddies aren’t always looked at in a good way. 

However, this is due to many stereotypes that exist behind what this type of relationship represents. So what exactly does it mean to be a sugar daddy? 

What Is A Sugar Daddy? 

Sugar daddies, in the most basic of descriptions, are wealthy older men that cater to younger women or men by providing a financial benefit to their relationship. 

Essentially, the older man feels a sense of obligation to take care of the younger person and ensure that they have everything that they need. 

In some people’s eyes, the younger person might appear to be a gold digger. The stark reality is this type of relationship is almost always a mutual agreement. 

Sugar daddies know their role and so do the men or women involved. 

What Is The Typical Age Difference Between A Sugar Daddy and A Younger Person? 

While is true that sugar daddies are usually significantly older than the younger men or women they associate with, they aren’t stooping too low in the age bracket.

There isn’t a definitive set age to how old sugar daddies are but generally, they are somewhere between 40 and 60 years of age. 

With this said, the younger men or women that they enter a mutual relationship with are always going to be consenting adults. 

Perhaps the biggest attraction between sugar daddies and the younger people they are with is in fact age.

Sugar daddies could be living vicariously in their 20’s or 30’s again through their partners that they enter relationships with. 

Much like how sugar daddies feel an obligation to ensure that their partners are well taken care of, their partners also feel a sense of obligation. 

This sense of obligation comes from giving their sugar daddies the companionship they need. 

At the surface, yes, younger people are receiving financial gain from their sugar daddies. 

But at the core of the relationship, the younger partners find happiness in making the older gentlemen feel young again. 

Aging isn’t graceful for anyone and the relationships and bonds that sugar daddies and their partners create are much more than just a financial viewpoint. 

They support each other emotionally with a true sense of understanding and bridging a gap between youth and old age. 

What Do Sugar Daddies Expect In Return For Their Monetary Contribution? 

Some people find it hard to believe that sugar daddies simply dump their money into a relationship without expecting anything in return. 

Some sugar daddies do just that; a simple act of kindness for seeing someone happy. However, indeed, there can also be some other expectations on the table.

Once again, the agreement between sugar daddies and their partners is a mutual one between adults. 

So these expectations should always be communicated to ensure everyone is on the same page. 

Below are some common expectations that might be associated with receiving financial security from a sugar daddy. 

Expectations Behind The Financial Benefits Of Sugar Daddies


Companionship is different than friendship or having a “boyfriend/girlfriend” status. It’ss from the desire to have someone to talk to and spend quality non-sexual time with. 

Sugar daddies can seek this out of younger individuals because they might be lonely. 

They may offer money for a simple conversation or time spent doing something they like to do (non sexually). 

As humans, we are social by nature. People can indeed be antisocial but the general population seeks out the attention of others to feel wanted or needed. 

Sugar daddies often find this in younger people and it truly is a comforting aspect to the relationship.

Sexual Relations

Sexual relations are sometimes a part of the agreement between sugar daddies and their partners. 

Important to note once again that these relationships are consenting and between adults. 

It is equally important to note sugar daddies can enter relationships with males or females. 

Generally, people think females are the only ones that can have a sugar daddy but that simply isn’t the case. 

Wealthy men can have different sexual preferences and when entering these arrangements, they may find male or female partners. 


Friendship is another common expectation that may arise from the financial benefits of these types of relationships. 

Sugar daddies may form a bond that is non-sexual and purely platonic. 

The couple finds each other company quite desirable but there is no intimate connection between the two parties. 

In the case of sugar daddies, they decide to offer money in exchange for a prolonged friendship with someone they have made a connection with. 

These are the three most common reasons why sugar daddies use their wealth to sustain a relationship with someone. 

Sugar daddies typically have quite a bit of money and use it to maintain a certain level of respect and understanding with the partners they choose.

Additionally, both parties come to a mutual understanding of what the money side of their arrangement means. 

Simply put, sugar daddies want to give their wealth out in this manner and are not simply allowing people to have free reign of their money. 

What Does The Money From Sugar Daddies Go Towards? 

While it is true that some sugar daddies might just give cash, checks, or credit payments to their partners, the financial side of the relationship could be applied to much more than physical money. 

Even though these types of relationships depend on what sugar daddies are seeking, the bulk of the relationship is surrounded by the financial side of things.

So what does the money go towards if it isn’t all cold, hard, cash? Below are some examples of things sugar daddies might apply their wealth to for their partner’s happiness. 

Things Sugar Daddies Might Put Their Wealth Towards For Their Partners

  • Clothing
  • Jewelry
  • Rent or mortgage payments
  • Cars
  • Animals
  • Schooling
  • Wining and dining 
  • Vacations
  • Hotel or airfare expenses

Not all sugar daddies are placing their money into these things, however, these are examples of what some of them will pay for their partners. 

It all boils down to how involved the relationship is between the sugar daddy and their partner. 

Overall, sugar daddies aren’t a well-received type of relationship but in the end, it is about what is making the sugar daddy and their partner happy. 

The important thing is that not all sugar daddy relationships are fitting to the stereotypes associated with them! 

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