Why Dating a Sugar Daddy is Better Than Having a Job

Why Dating a Sugar Daddy is Better Than Having a Job

A sugar daddy; a man who makes all your dreams come true, buys you expensive gifts, goes on vacation with you, takes you to the most expensive restaurants in town, and all you have to do for it? 

Date him. And what makes a sugar daddy even more attractive? Money. And not too little.

Everyone knows that sugar daddies are very generous men. 

Men who have achieved, and built something in their lives. As they get older, however, they often find that they want to share their wealth. And this is where a sugar baby comes into their lives. 

Sugar babies are often young women, looking for a penny extra or the experience. 

A sugar baby is actually always doing it for the money, as there are no strings attached and monogamy is not mandatory. 

They love beautiful things, shopping, and a luxurious lifestyle, but cannot afford them themselves. This is where a sugar daddy comes into their lives.

However, there are also girls who are sugar babies full time. They have made sugar baby their profession. And who can blame them? 

In this article we are going to talk about why dating a sugar daddy is better than having a job.

Your job is your hobby

The hobbies of full-time sugar babies are shopping, going on vacation, eating out, etc. 

However, this is what they do with their sugar daddy day in and day out – and the great thing is, their sugar daddy pays for these wonderful things! 

If a sugar daddy is going to do something with his sugar baby, the cost is his. 

It’s not deducted from the sugar baby’s pay, so if they pick out a Christian Dior dress together or go on vacation to the Bahamas, he pays for it.

You will develop yourself

A sugar daddy most of the time has already lived half a life and therefore has much more life experience. 

Also, it is a man who has achieved quite a lot in his life and is therefore not a fool. 

He will be able to teach you things, without you having to go back to school. 


To return to that school; you will not have to take a step in school for another day in your life. 

After all, to be a sugar baby you absolutely do not have to have high education, let alone any education at all.

After all, you don’t need a Ph.D. to shop, do you? If you are a full-time sugar baby, you will be paid to be as beautiful as possible. Sounds great, right?

No strings attached

Anyone who thinks that having a sugar daddy means having sex with old men is wrong. 

Apart from a few exceptions, most sugar daddies are looking for attention from a hot chick who is younger than he is. 

In exchange, he takes you on nights out, trips abroad, and gives you nice things. Fine, right? You won’t have any of the hassles that you would have with a steady partner. 

No bossy boss

Although the sugar daddy is the one who pays the sugar baby, the sugar baby is generally the one in charge. 

This is in contrast to a standard job, whereas as a young woman you don’t have much to say to your grumpy boss.

Besides, a boss is not likely to take you on a trip to Ibiza at an all-inclusive resort. 

With your sugar daddy, however, you only have to give a wink or snap your fingers, and the suitcases are already packed and the limousine to take you to the airport has already been called.


I think even the screen you’re reading this on wants a sugar daddy by now, and I think you secretly do too. 

Besides all the advantages mentioned, hobby as a job, self-development, never going to school again, no strings attached and no bossy boss, there are countless more advantages you can enjoy when you become a full-time sugar baby. 

So what are you waiting for? Enjoy the luxury that a sugar daddy can offer you today, or get on a plane tomorrow with a real man who wants to enjoy your company and youthfulness!

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